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Monday, October 24, 2011

Review - Longboard Skateboards - Kracked Skulls Scimitar vs Original Apex 34 vs Sector 9 JBay

On a sunny day, you may wanna get out of the house and enjoy the weather. There are many ways to get around Cali but the best way to get around, without having to burning petro is on a longboard. I'm talking longboard skateboards of course. Longboard are great because they are portable, you don't need to find a bike rack, and they transfer kick power to forward motion pretty dang well. If you carve or pump there is a chance you will never need a kick. Longboards have come a long way. I'm a cruiser that likes to carve occasionally. I've seen the kids with the new school tricks, and its cool and I may try a few but I'm also in my mid 30's so i can risk breaking any bones. I have 3 longboards that have 3 different styles.

  1. Sector 9 J-Bay 46" Bamboo Pintail
  2. Kracked Skullz Scimitar 38" 
  3. Original Skateboards Apex 34"
From Left to Right: Sector 9, KS Scimitar, and the Apex 34

Weight Comparison: (not scientific, using the my estimate based on arm feel)
  1. Apex 34 is extremely - Featherweight. Approximately 3.5 - 4 lbs for a complete board
  2. Kracked Skullz Scimitar - Lightweight. Approximately 5 lbs for a complete board
  3. Sector 9 J Bay - Fat Boy. I would say about  9 lbs for a complete board

    Flex Comparison:
    1. Apex 34 very flexible. Almost bottoms out if i kick hard and I weigh about 165lbs.
    2. Kracked Skullz Scimitar - little flex. I was surprised especially after seeing flex test videos on YouTube. There is flex but not a lot. I have the standard scimitar with cut grooves for additional flex and it has about 1/3 of the flex of the Apex 34. 
    3. Sector 9 J Bay - almost no flex. Its will flex a little if you jump off a 5 foot wall and land on the deck.
    Stability Comparison: (20mph+)
    1. Sector 9 J Bay - most stable at high speeds
    2. Kracked Skullz Scimitar- moderately stable at high speeds
    3. Apex 34 - not stable at all with the stock original s8 trucks, but pretty stable once fitted with indy 169's trucks
    * The stability comparison should not be a surprise since a longer board with less flex is always more stable than a small boards with more flex. In addition, the smaller boards have trucks with more narrow hangar widths which also decrease stability at high speeds. 

    Cost Comparison:
    1. Sector 9 J Bay -$175.00 - Gullwing Charger Trucks and S9 Wheels
    2. Kracked Skullz Scimitar- $161.00 - Randal II 180 Trucks and 70mm Flashbacks Wheels
    3. Apex 34 -$209.00 - Original S6 or S8 Trucks and Original Red Wheels

    Center of Gravity Comparison:(Ground Clearance)
    1. Kracked Skulls Scimitar - 3 inches
    2. Apex 34 - 3.25 inches
    3. Apex 34 - 4 inches
    Kracked Skullz is the lowest board to the ground due to the drop through truck mounts. Apex is very close. The low ground clearance keeps the board more stable and allows easier slides.


    The Sector 9 J Bay is a large and heavy board which makes it hard to carry around. However, it is the most stable board and can take some downhill speeds without fear. The board is made very well and seems indestructible. The Sector 9 comes last on my list since i tend to like a board that i can carry around. It is a great longboard to cruise the boardwalk.

    The Apex 34 is the most expensive of these boards and may even be discontinued as we speak but it is pretty much the same board as the Apex 37.  There are still plenty of Apex 34s in stock. The board is fun and very flexy if your into that thing. Its very small and very light which is perfect if you need to carry the board around. This is the perfect campus board. However, being so small you compromise ride comfort. This is not a long distance cruiser. Also, if you are looking for a board you can also take down hill, I recommend swapping out the trucks to Indy's 169s which are a perfect fit for the board's width. Indy 169s have more turning angle that the conventional longboard trucks yet provide stability at high speeds that the Original S6/S8 spring loaded swivel trucks do not provide.

    Lastly, the Kracked Skullz Scimitar 38. The board that sits perfectly in the middle of the two previous boards. The Scimitar is the cheapest of the group and has the best hardware, in my opinion. Its very lightweight and has a length that is comfortable to ride on and still easy to carry. The 38' size is perfect for my height 5 foot 9. It slides at will. The center of gravity is low due to the drop through truck mounts. The Scimitar can do it all. I recommend the cut grooves for all riders less than 165 lbs.


      1. hello, how tight is the turning radius?
        is the indy 149 turn as well?

      2. ummm lol the j bay is very flexy and unstable at speed lol...someone got a little confused.

      3. My J Bay is stiff. I am 165lbs and its the stiffest board that i have. Ive had the scimitar with the flex grooves and that one is much more flexible but i have to admit I cracked one board carving and jumping too hard. However the Jbay rides smooth and is a tank.

      4. The apex is like a noodle with crazy flex. It feels likes its rubber. And its strong! Thats my hybrid board that im keeping.


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