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Thursday, March 1, 2012

E92 M3 Begins Hifi Audio Upgrade

 Here is a look at Technics ( custom wire harness that saved me a ton of time. It plug and play.
 I picked up a Audio Control 6XS but ended up not using it. I may add it into the system down the road if i decide to swap out the OEM speakers with aftermarket
 First, I removed all the trim from the trunk. Very easy. I Started with the rear trim, 4 plastic rivets pop out with a flat head screw driver. I ended up breaking one...Some are hard to remove. Then you remove the 2 caps at the top of the trim and unscrew the 2 screws. Off comes the trim.
 The Next trim piece to remove is the driver side panel. It has 3 plastic rivets that much easier to remove, then you remove the trim piece around the cargo net hook, it has one torx bolt holding it in. Off comes the driver side trim.

Next remove the center carpet, just lifts straight out.

Last, get to the battery box, Turn the plastic knob and pull the top back and lift off. Done.
 I routed the power (+) line against the rear trim panel.
 A quick look at the JL Audio xd600/6 and the wiring harnesses.

 Wire harness connected. Took 5 minutes.

 Added a 60amp circuit breaker 6 inches from the battery.

 I used the factory amp rack. There were two tabs the got in the way of the amp so I pulled out the dremel and cut the steel tabs off then sanded the sharp edges smooth.
 I used the factory ground point just a foot above the amp.

 I mounted the amp with 3M double sided molding tape.

 Trim pieces being installed

The final picture. I love the fact that every fits in the factory location. No excess weight.

I had all front and rear gains at minimum. I set the subwoofer gains up 1/5th.

X-over points: Front and Rear high pass @ 160hz 12db/slope. Subwoofer low pass @ 140hz 12db/slope

Turned the car on to listen for alternator whine....No noise at all!

Sounds amazing. Everything is crisp and clear. It gets loud and stays clean. Midbass punch is more pronounced. And best, the OEM subwoofer actually hits some lows.

The OEM speakers actually sound really nice. Better than some of the aftermarket brand that I paid $$ for in my other cars.

The only thing i worry about now is the how long the speakers can handle the extra power. My thinking is maybe forever since the power is much cleaner and I wont be clipping.

Best audio upgrade for under $500.

Update, after a week of listening. I heard the mids struggling a bit and I heard a gap in the frequencies. The bass was also a bit low for highway speeds. So I moved the x-over points to 180hz and 200hz. Then I moved the subwoofer gains up to 1/3. This seems to help much.

I ordered an Alpine PXE H660 to flat line the frequency curve....Install coming soon.

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